Monday, 5 January 2015

Back to normal.

So this week we can really get back to normal, well after today, as Mick is driving up to Bristol to pick Amanda up from Bernadette's and then taking her onto Pershore and back to uni til the summer.  It was her birthday yesterday and B took her to see Disney on Ice in London, I gather they had a wonderful time and Amanda has fallen in love with ice skating now, must admit I would love to see it. 
Had a pretty good weekend to be honest, Sat the weather was miserable so I spent the morning finding stuff for the recycling (today) I can't believe the amount of unnecessary cardboard and rubbish I hoard........... well I can actually!!!  I even managed to find the top of my desk in my little craft room which over the last few months has become a dumping ground........... I aim to reclaim it this month. Sat evening we found ourselves down the local pub with some friends enjoying ourselves with a trip down memory lane - music wise.  The pub has a juke box on loan and you can buy tokens to play the vinyl's (the money then goes to charity) and it was full of music from the 60's and 70's, it was great.  The youngsters just looked at us in amusement, think they were glad when we left lol
It even had one of my all time favourites, Hi Ho Silver Lining, this reminds me of my days in the police in London, happy memories lol
Have a listen - and yes it definitely gets me up and dancing.
Have a good day. x


  1. Hi ho silver lining. You can't beat it for a good sing along. New year and a clear out mmmm seems to be a running theme on blogs this week so must get on with mine x

    1. lol oh yes very good. Yes I think it is just a new year thing a bit like tinsel at Christmas!! xx


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