Sunday, 25 January 2015

Another week gone by.

Well what a fly by of a week that has been and very eventful.  Last night Lucy and I finally did our Skype interview with the journalist in Nova Scotia re our toilet project and the book she is writing, that was a laugh I have to admit.  I was also rather glad to get it out of the way as she first approached us back in the summer and evey time we sorted a time and date out it had to be cancelled.  So in January I have 'completed' two plans that have been hanging around since 2014 - a very loose connection to my word of the year but hey it makes me feel good lol.
So on to the weekly weigh in wait for it............... I actually lost one pound!!!!  So after three weeks of dieting I am exactly in the same spot lol!!  Still it is in the right direction and I am being positive again!
 Have to confess to being very, very tempted to have a glass of wine or a gin last night - but proud to say I didn't.

I have been following Eileen's de-cluttering posts and she is really inspiring me!  So yesterday as my day off wasn't turning out as I had planned I started my craft room which has become a huge dumping ground.  My argument is I have too many hobbies that I do for such a small room!!  Plus I really need to use the desk more for the course work I am doing, so it needs to be sorted.  It took me all afternoon to go through the two shelves all the bits in the boxes, the top of the desk and the plastic draws next to the desk.  The result is, a bag for the charity shop, a huge bag for People and Gardens for their craft sessions and two bags of rubbish.

Before, my desk with stuff on from the shelves (which I forgot to take a pic of!!) the stuff on the desk had to move to the floor and other surfaces!!
 As you look in from the door!!  The card rack is going on ebay today hopefully.

The shelves with reduced files.

The shelves after the clear out - I see a gap?? wonder how long that will last!
My desk finished, the pile on the left is for P & G.  the boxes underneath have ribbon and flowers in and are sorted, the paper files in front have yet to be done. The bits on the right are to go out as well.
 It has a long way to go but I have started and that is the main thing.


  1. Doesn't it make you feel better once you've started though! Well done, and also, congratulations on the weight loss. I'm still stuck at the same weight, just can't seem to get the diet right but I think it's because I'm now eating out socially a lot more than I used to, so I suppose I should be glad that I'm not gaining weight!!

    1. Yes definitely feel better for it lol, thank you re the weight loss. x

  2. Good start there Karen. I love a good clear out x x


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