Friday, 17 October 2014

The outcome of 'Getting things off my chest'

Well thank you everyone for all your comments and support on my last post.  So last night it all got sorted after another emotional rollercoaster of a week.  In brief - the competition secretary resigned again (second time in a 8 days) this time round I accepted her resignation and wiped my hands of that one - can't be doing with her changing her mind every few days and throwing things into turmoil for us remaining members who are trying to sort things out.  I was working last night so could not attend the start of the meeting, so the secretary of the club took the floor on my behalf and held the EGM to deal with the voting of new president etc. and I understand he did a fantastic job and kept calm - I think I would of been too emotional lol or lost my temper and told them all to grown up or leave!!!!!  Not ideal behaviour!!  There were a few unpleasant words said but I didn't witness it, when I got there is was all nice and calm and I was welcomed as the new president of the club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   To say I am gobsmacked would be an under statement - to say I am now wondering what the heck I am meant to do is also and under statement - scared and mildly panicking would be a much better description of how I feel right now!!! But I am sure I will come up with something with the help of the new committee I have, my exisiting three rocks and three possibly four new members (including the past president who I was up against in the vote last night).
So hopefully the club can now settle down and get back to a fun loving enjoyable evening where we all enjoy our photography. My first plan is to have a weekend off from it all after the last two weeks - and then have a committee meeting Wed evening to sort the last few little bits that need sorting and then let the fun begin lol
Have a good weekend everyone. :)


  1. Congratulations on being the new president ... do we have to call you 'Sir' now?

    Hope it all runs smoothly for you!!!!

  2. Madam President, I salute you. Well done, and good luck, I'm sure things will be fine under your expert guidance. x x x

  3. Congratulations Karen, looks like you will be a great president and with the help of your commitee the club will be a fun place again x

  4. Sorry I've not followed you for a while, Karen. I'm also sorry that you've had such an awful week. At least things can only get better. I love your quote and I so agree with it.
    I will keep in touch more often.

  5. Congratulations, I hope that you now can settle down and enjoy the post. How I wish you were closer so I could join the club. One day I will learn to use my camera off of auto!!!! Have a great week, Diane xx


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