Monday, 6 October 2014

Lucky 7's catch up

So far behind on these challenges and major guilt feeling about it as I have suggested the themes!!!  Would like to say I shall try harder in the future, but I can't promise anything as life is somewhat full on at the moment and blogging although on my daily to do list keeps getting missed :(
Mick even bought me an ipad to make it easier for me to do some blogging in the evening - instead I have discovered Pinterest!!!!! Fatal lol

Shoes - some of my favourite, though these will be going away now and the boots will be coming out :)

Ground level
  A walk out to the Dodman, I was sat on the rocks below the cross.
A squirrel that ran out in front of Yvonne and myself whilst in Exeter.

Sorry, no food shots for last week, unfortunately I tend to eat my food before I think about photographing it lol.
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  1. Good to see you back online Karen. I got hooked on Pinterest but in the end I deleted my account ... wasting too much time!!

  2. Lovely to see your catch up Karen. Life can get in the way can't it?
    It is good that you keep on joining us.

  3. Hey, if we are not blogging it must mean we are living a life huh?
    On catch up at 1.30am.. love the pink shoes.. hope you got a holiday sorted and can eke the summer out a few weeks more x


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