Wednesday, 9 July 2014

View from a window

Thank you for all your lovely supportive comments after my rant the other day, I am over it now, mainly as I don't have to see the chap any more :).  Well on Sunday B went off to Belgium for the week to work as an activity leader, in order to keep in touch I have gone back on fb, plus Dave (photo colleague) and I are looking to set up a photo page for the community work we do, but we are still toying with the idea due to all the hassle that has been on fb lately - we are both rather wary of it now!!!  Hey ho :)
So on to this week's challenge over on Lucky 7's Kathi has come up with this -
I was travelling home on the train from Plymouth and took this picture of a Vintage type train which pulled into the station alongside our train... can you see the well upholstered First Class seats with tables set for cream teas and the lovely table lamps?
I have looked it up and it is one of the Steam & Cream events at Bodmin... see here!

This got me thinking and how about this week we share some:
 pictures taken through a window, or in a Mirror (Looking Glass)

Here are a few daily prompts in case you need them:
  • Monday ..... through my kitchen window
  • Tuesday .... from a bedroom window
  • Wednesday ... image in a Mirror
  • Thursday ... looking in a shop window
  • Friday ... 'Not What It Seems'
  • Saturday ... Something Interesting seen through a Window
  • Sunday ... Window or Mirror View on Holiday
Hope you find this fun and not difficult!

Happy peeping!   Kathi xx
Hopefully I can complete this one, well I know I can if I use old photos lol
Here is Monday's
My kitchen view.
and Tuesday's view - the one I wake up to each morning.  
A little wet and wild yesterday lol
Linking with Lucky 7's in 2014
Last week I spent the best part of it stressing over getting some images printed for a small exhibition Dave and I have on at the moment of the Bread Riots (which you can read about here and here) , it is part of the St Austell Feast Week,  here they are up.

My printer died, B's had no ink in it and the new one I have I haven't worked out how to use it yet lol so I ended up getting them printed by DSColourlabs, great quality, postage is a little pricey but prints are cheap so it works out even.
I have two days off now, so hoping to get some serious editing done so I can show you what I have been filling my time with these last few weeks :)
Have fun today x



  1. That's quite a view you wake up too each morning x

  2. You have some wonderful views. I would enjoy waking up to that one out of your bedroom window. Just gorgeous!


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