Thursday, 10 July 2014

A pleasant day in June.

So the first of what I have been up to lately posts.  Back in June the Cornwall Wildlife Trust had a fundraising day at Lethytepp, a 52 Acre Photographers’ Haven  it is a private garden and it was a lovely day.  It is the kind of place you wish you could go to every day as you would see something new each time.  I envy Phil and Faith having all this in their garden but not the upkeep of it all. A serious amount of work has gone into it garden and is on going.   Here is a selection of some of the images I took
Apparently this is a  Four-spotted Chaser
An Azure Damselfly 

Some wild flowers I liked the colour of, loved the contrast between the white and maroon
Several water lillies, which I love,
Lakes to walk around 
or just sit by and have your lunch.
Such an amazing garden and a rare treat to be able to go around it.  A lovely day.



  1. What a treat to spend some time there with your camera. Great photos x

  2. Love the third one.. would make a fab poster, simple but imagine it fitting a colour scheme nicely xx

  3. Beautiful photos!!! I love water lilies too, I think they are so photogenic :)


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