Friday, 20 June 2014

Scavenger Hunt and Up Close

I often look at the photo scavenger hunt's that take place of different blogs but have not yet taken part until today, I decided I would make the effort and have a go.  So I am joining in with this one 
Photography Scavenger Hunt

and here is my first photo - # 2 on the list, a garden gnome - though ours is a dog gnome!!!  Have to be different lol.  He came from my mil and sits at the front of the border that runs down the side of the garden.
Here is Day 5 of Up Close photo
not too difficult
Linking up with Lucky 7's in 2014


  1. A shell maybe?
    Do you remember the close up picture round in Ask the Family .. an early quiz show.. loved that!

  2. lol thought you would get it straight away ;) yes I do remember that and like you loved it lol. xx

  3. I might do that scavenger hunt, just hard to keep the list in mind when out and about.. x

    1. I have printed the list out and keep it in the car :) x

  4. I thought of a shell as well

  5. Love your blog header and enjoy the hunt x


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