Saturday, 21 June 2014

Day 6 of Up Close

I have sat here for most of the evening going through photos trying to come up with something DIFFICULT for today's up close (I am such a meanie lol) then  just as I was about to give up I think I found it, not the greatest of photos but hey it is rather late and the light isn't great now.  So who can work this out. 

 I am so chuffed with this that I just know someone is going to guess it straight away and pop my bubble - and don't you just hate it when that happens.
Mick has landed back in England but stayed in Andover last night and will travel home this morning, just in time for his dad's birthday tomorrow.  He missed it a few years back as he went off to Scotland on the bike with some friends - he hasn't been allowed to forget it lol.  Even worse was the fact that his brother and sister in law put on a family party for him, to which I took the girls and had to listen to how Mick had gone off biking instead of cancelling the trip etc etc, then in my rush to get home and get the girls to bed and lock the world outside I managed to get myself a speeding ticket.  When the letter came through the letterbox I was jumping for joy and laughing as it was Mick's car, it wasn't until the penny dropped that I had been driving the car and he was in Scotland and it was me not him that the jumping and laughing stopped and turned to annoyance!!!!  Surprisingly I have never been allowed to live that one down either lol.  So fingers crossed this birthday weekend will go much smoother!!!


  1. I can imagine it but not think what it is...bah! Shall have to consult my crew...

  2. Well you have certainly got me flummoxed on this one, Karen. I love your story about the birthday, the bike ride and the car. Have a really good weekend

  3. I think it might be the trigger for a hole punch, or something similar? Sorry to hear about your speeding ticket :-(

  4. I think its a sticky tape dispenser - but thats a bit of a stab!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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