Thursday, 26 June 2014

Catch up on selfies.

Oops slipping behind this week - too much going on.  So I have dipped on family, social and relaxing
So social me you can choose which social time you would like to join me on a
daytime social
or an evening social
Family me
My cousin Paul and his partner Dee last November when they came down to Cornwall for a holiday.

The boss and I in a windy Iceland at the Blue Lagoon, our holiday selfie.
Relaxing me
can't do relaxing as I don't do relaxing, not mastered that activity much to Mick's annoyance.  The only time I sit still is when I burn out from not sitting still!!!  Around about every 3 months lol.
Had some truly fantastic news this week Bernadette got her degree results................ she got a first in her law degree - such a happy proud mummy and daddy :)  She was in tears on the phone trying to tell us as she thought she had only got a 2.1 and had been beating herself up for weeks about it - she is very hard upon herself, so really chuffed for her. I know you have seen this one before, but it is the most recent one I have of her/them.
She will be home on Saturday for a week before she is off to Belgium for a week working, so celebratory meal Sat night :)
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  1. Congratulations to your daughter.
    Early Grey Tea my favourite, never seen the lemon grey one to seek out.
    Julie xxxx

  2. Lovely photos. Congratulations to your daughter on such a brilliant degree. The world is now her oyster.

  3. Many, many congratulations to your lovely daughter, and to her proud parents too. Well done Bernadette x x x

  4. Brilliant news on the degree, enjoy x

  5. Congratulations to Bernadette, that's fantastic news x

  6. Great photos and great news about Bernadette!


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