Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A great day.

Been a great day today, a walk with a friend along the Pentewan Trail, finding another phone box to photograph (doesn't take a lot to make me happy you know lol), a pasty for lunch, some scrapbooking..... yes you did read that right, scrapbooking, then a swim in the sea with a very close encounter with the huge jelly fish that are abundant in our waters at the moment, could not believe the size of it.  My friend touched it with her feet and it completely freaked her out, which I thought was hilarious as she had spent the last ten minutes telling me there was nothing to be scared of swimming in the sea.  She does it all the time I don't.  I am rather  very, lets be honest, extremely nervous of swimming in the sea due to an over active imagination and shadows - yes jaws, the loch ness monster and thousands of other Karen eating creatures lurk in the dark waters down here just waiting for me to dip my toe in there!!!  Anyway she is helping me over come my slight fear of swimming in the sea, well not so much a fear just a paranoia that I shall die an edible death.
This it the harmless creature that caused us to do a Scooby Doo swimming impression lol
Kathi has a much better photo on her blog  taken actually in the water.  Mine was taken whilst dangling over the cliff edge 200ft up looking down on this one, hence quality, seriously zoomed in.
My contribution for the Lucky 7's challenge today is something crafty - which was Kathi's suggestion for yesterday - I am not known for my conforming!!! 
Yes I am still working on my 50th album and really like this one, I lifted the idea from Nathalie .
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  1. Oh my! I shivered just reading about the jellyfish encounter! I do not like to think about what's underwater either when I swim in the ocean, or a lake for that matter. I can't even look down! And what a surprise to see a page, and a happy one it is! :) So glad you found inspiration on my blog! Thank you for the shout out!

  2. I have a hundred pages owing. good one Karen!

  3. Hope you get rid of your phobia but it must be difficult for you.
    I love your page.

  4. it good to see you have scrapped your photo. I love the sea..it worry's me more that i could be carried out and drown than be eaten :) I wouldn't have liked that jellyfish x


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