Monday, 19 May 2014


Like most things I haven't taken part in the Lucky 7's photo challenge for ages, keep looking at it but get no where need taking part.  Saw the challenge for this week and today's prompt and knew I had a photo from Thurs to fit it, then see Kathi has posted the same lol, great minds eh?

I didn't know what it was called til I read Kathi's post - so Laburnum for yellow and blue sky in case I slip up tomorrow.


  1. How lovely that Kathijo and yourself chose the same the same blossom

  2. Gorgeous! I love these trees!

  3. I should have known flowers would bring you back ;-) Hope you are doing okay.. its been a.busy year hasn't it xx

  4. Congratulations, Karen!
    Good luck!
    / I am agree with Viv!/


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