Tuesday, 8 April 2014

April already.

Nearly four weeks without posting anything, lots of reasons why, main one being March is a very busy month for us and this year seems to have been more so than normal, then Mick and I went to Iceland last Monday (31st March) and only returned home last night. Thankfully I had taken today off work as well as I am off to the Hall for Cornwall tonight to see Fiddler on the Roof, with Paul Michael Glaser, of Starsky and Hutch fame (for those old enough to remember it!!)
So what has happened since I last posted, well Bernadette turned 21 on the 15th, so we took Amanda up to Bristol for the birthday celebrations, and we headed off into Wales and into Herefordshire for a couple of nights, then back to Bristol for Sunday Birthday lunch, then home, bringing Amanda's boyfriend with us as he had finished at uni for easter.  The next day was Mick's birthday so another meal out (my diet has gone all to pot!!) The 24th was our 24th wedding anniversary, so yet another meal out!!  Then the 29th we had a dinner dance, 30th Mother's Day and 31st we flew to Iceland!!  So all in all March came and went in a flurry of celebrations and eating out - rather nice actually ;)
So now we are back for four days then off to London on Friday for a reunion and back home on Saturday and that will be it for awhile!!
I have just uploaded my photos from Iceland to my computer but not started to go through them yet, I will share them with you all over the next few days/weeks but for now here is one of the birthday meal.  Two of my best friends.


  1. Welcome home! Looking forward to seeing your photos of Iceland.

    I'm off to London on Saturday to see a show and yes, I remember Starsky and Hutch!

  2. Missed you...hope you had a fantastic time in Iceland..look forward to seeing some pics. Happy Birthdays and annivesary's to you all x x x

  3. welcome back. lovely girls. xx

  4. Sounds like you had the most wonderful month
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  5. Wow, I just stumbled upon your profile at postcrossing. And since I like to procrastinate doing my work for university, I had a look at some of your recent posts and photographs. And I have to say, they are really really amazing. Can't wait for the fotos of iceland :)


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