Sunday, 9 March 2014

Books - Lucky 7's in 2014

Lucky 7's weekly challenge,  I haven't managed to take part in many of these so far but couldn't resist this one.

Mon - Today I read...

I have had this book for awhile now but not got into it, but I have really got into the documentaries that are on TV at the mo re the WW1, (loved Jeremy Packman's series) so I have pulled it out to start reading.

Tues - Fact or Fiction

I was always a fiction girl but I seem to have become more of a fact girl as I have grown older.  The fiction books I have are ones the girls have had and passed on, I may read them I may not. 

Wed - Favourite read to children

 A selection of our favourites, Lion King was Bernadette's all time fav, every night, she could even recite the book word for word, still can just about!!! 
Thurs - Fav character - don't have one now, but as a child it was definitely 'Little Miss Pepperpot'.  LOL I have just googled her for this post and they are still going

Fri - a great reference book -

Joy put me onto this book and it is wonderful.
Sat - My childhood memory...

 I LOVED this book, read all the time, lol can't bare to part with it, though the cover has long gone.  I use to read it to our two as well.
Sun - my book shelves -

these are at the top of the stairs by my computer and they are home to all sorts (as you can see), scrapbook albums, photo albums, brass kettles!!! etc etc (maybe I should sort them out.....nah!)  The girls both have book shelves in their rooms as well which are filled with books.
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  1. Lovely post Karen. As a dedicated book reader I really enjoyed reading through your answers to the challenge - and enjoyed the photos too. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

  2. i'm more of a fiction girl! Great to see your collection x

  3. What great bookshelves! I could quite happily make myself at home in front of those!!!!!!

  4. love the book shelves :) I enjoyed Jeremy Packman's series too, hope you get the book read soon

  5. I enjoyed reading your post - great childhood books, I don't know any of them. Your bookshelves are perfect compared to mine. The knitting book looks very interesting - but I bought so many last year that I forbid myself to even think about it let alone google and buy it. :-D

  6. That is a brilliant catch up. The old books are brilliant aren't they?


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