Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A good day

Had a wonderful morning today.  I went along to People and Gardens in Pentewan. My photography partner in crime (Dave) had offered our services to photograph a charity fashion show they are putting on later this year.  So we went along to meet everyone.  Turns out the lady who runs it with her husband already knew me, took me awhile to remember her!! oops.  Anyway everyone there was really lovely, we had a tour around all the greenhouses and this is where all the plants for the Eden project are grown!!!  Such amazing work going on here by these individuals with learning disabilities and those that work with them.  Anyway, thinking we would only be there about an hour we ended up being there for 4hrs!!!  and came away with a couple of new projects as well as the original plan. One is to create a calendar that they can then sell to raise funds and two to create a time line of photos for the tomatoes they grow that go into Cornish Ketchup which hopefully the Eden Project will display in their educational centre!!  Also hoping the guy from Cornish Ketchup will let us in to photograph his process.  So more exciting stuff to keep us going through the year. :)
Daily Photo 63 - the first red Camilla has come out.
 Daily Photo 64 - our garage - otherwise known as Mick's office or junk room!!! He has decided to put a pitched roof on it this year, so thought I had best get a before shot in first.


  1. My first camellia is out as well. Have a good day. Diane

  2. Sounds like a great project to be involved with! Your flower photos are always such a treat :)

  3. congrats'll do a wonderful job x


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