Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine's Day

Mick and I don't do Valentine's Day, it is a mutual agreement.  Not really sure when we stopped getting each other a card and gift, maybe when we felt that we were buying something just for the sake of it, because the rest of the world was and that is what you did!!!  Anyway this year I saw on fb a friend who makes her hubby a heart shaped pasty every year and thought that was lovely, apparently it started when they didn't have much money and now is a tradition, another lady buys her hubby a heart shaped cheese, which is what gave me the idea this that maybe I would surprise Mick.  Well I couldn't find a heart shaped cheese so settled for a selection of cheeses and some ruddles, didn't bother with a card.  Unfortunately when I got home Mick was home and helped with the unpacking so I had to tell him what they were for there and then (Wed) his reply was "we don't do Valentine's Day" lol. Later that day upon my return from the post office I find a card sat on the window!!!!  Ok .... so you haven't been out of the house and we don't do Valentine's Day so how come there is a card there.............. apparently he couldn't resist it and had had it for weeks!!!!  Well I was a good girl and I didn't open it til yesterday morning and now I know why he couldn't resist it.....My first V card in years and this is it :)  (for those that don't know, the giant panda has been my favourite animal for as long as I can remember, my first soft toy that is still with me today, though extremely thread bare)

Then when I get home from work yesterday these were sat waiting for me 18 roses!!!!  Don't think I have ever had 18 before, a lovely surprise.
We even decided to go out for a meal (mainly because Amanda was cooking a meal for her boyfriend and we didn't want to get under their feet!!) So we booked a table on Thurs but had to cancel as the main route to where we were going was shut due to flooding, so we went to the local pub instead which was lovely. 
So all in all a very special Valentine's Day which made a lovely change, though I had to laugh when he said "don't hold your breath for next year, as it will be back to normal - nothing" lol, he is such a romantic!!!
Well it was 25yrs ago on the 14th Feb that we had our first kiss, so guess we had to do something different.


  1. What a lovely story. We dont do valentines day on Feb 14th, we became an item on 3rd Feb 1987, so our celebrations are always on Feb 3rd ahead of the rest of the world.

  2. Wow! What a romantic guy indeed! And he tried to fool you in the preparations :) the roses are gorgeous and must smell heavenly! Happy 25th first kiss anniversary!

    1. lol this was a one off, bless him. xx

  3. What a lovely post Karen and such a wonderful way to celebrate your first kiss xx

  4. ahh that's so lovely Karen...these men think they are macho's and underneath they are big softies really x


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