Thursday, 13 February 2014

Play time.

Oops a whole week has gone by and I haven't posted anything, this is not a good start to the second month of the year.  I guess I have had a good excuse there seems to have been lots going on as usual, but things that have taken me away from the computer.  Work mainly, then  yesterday and today have been my day's off, spent yesterday morning with a couple of friends teaching them how to do rubber stamping and get messy basically!!! Great fun. It actually inspired me to get on and do some scrapbooking in the afternoon.  Then  a trip to the library to pick up a book and have a look at a tree they have had carved into a story book which they want photographing for a brochure and bookmark. Then the necessary food shop and home.  Today has been spent practising photo techniques for a creative workshop at cc next week that I am assisting with.  The first idea was, oil and water, apparently very simple but not for me, think I may be using the wrong oil, so I gave up on that.  Then it was water play, dropping items into water, much more up my street. This I enjoyed but to perfect it I need my flash to work off camera and I don't have said cord or remote trigger :( still enjoyed my play and will be borrowing a second flash from a friend so I can try again over the weekend. :)

Here is the first one using a Satsuma, which was a bit heavy for my vase, I then tried a plum but that sank completely and didn't work at all.  I had eaten all the grapes...... the next best thing was a radish!

The focus is a bit out so need to work on that over the weekend and the different position of the flash will assist.  It was great fun but somewhat messy to say the least - I can't blame the weather for the flooding in the kitchen today!!!



  1. Good to read you done some scrapping :) Love the photo..i prefer the satsuma...think its the colour! xx

  2. These are some fun shots! I can't wait for my day off tomorrow to do some scrapbooking , it has been a stressful week here!


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