Monday, 30 December 2013

Nearly there

So here we are, nearly out of limbo land and into the New Year so that means it is resolution time.  Mick always laughs at me as he doesn't make resolutions he just does something, like the day he gave up smoking 1st Jan 2000, never told anyone just got grumpier as the day went on until I asked him what on earth was wrong and he said he wanted a rollup - well have one, I said - which is when he told me he had given up that morning!!  Never smoked since :)  Funny thing was his brother did the same thing on the same day, neither of them had talked about it, he has never gone back even though his wife still smokes.
I, on the other hand am the complete opposite, as you all know I like to have plans, goals to work towards and list after list after list.............the fact that not all are accompolished is another matter - for another list!!!  So when Bernadette asked me yesterday what were my NY resolutions I found myself saying I haven't got any - which left Mick and B looking at me in shock - and saying "yeah right mum!!! what are they" lol.  But no I am not making any resolutions but I do have plans!!!  Now plans are different in my eyes as they are more solid than good intentions which with the best will in the world is usually all resolutions are (unless you are called Mick or Dave!) and in my case those resolutions get taken over by everything else that comes along.
So plans for 2014 -  
  • Complete the 10 wk photography course that starts on the 13th Jan - studio portraits.
  • Complete the 16 wk course that started before Christmas - business,
  • Continue with my hot yoga,
  • Join in one or two swaps,
  • Update this blog and the new one I started Christmas Eve (obviously I had nothing better to do that evening!!!) regularly,
  • Yet again attempt the photo a day challenge lol but I am going to follow Eileen's idea of doing the garden but I think mine will be my home so that it can include indoors as well.
  • Try a new recipe every month - I say month as I am not into cooking and know if I said weekly it just would not happen with my lack of interest in this area and my shifts (any excuse eh??)
I could carry on but that is going to be it and I plan to review them on the 1st July to see how I have got on, so watch this space .... please. xx
A photo from the summer of Cassi eating the pansies!!



  1. They sound like good plans to me and as you say much more achievable than resolutions. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress x

  2. Where's your new blog then? Link please x x x


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