Sunday, 29 December 2013


A question for you all........... "have you ever googled yourself?"  This may seem an odd thing to do but I find it rather amusing as to what is actually on here about ourselves.  I can't remember when I first googled myself or even why, possibly when I learnt that telephone numbers etc can be obtained from here, so out of curiosity I put in my name and there you have it...... I have even found some of my photos on sites I didn't know existed.  Comments I have made on blogs, mobile number etc etc...  I believe if I looked hard enough I might find my waist size as well!!

After work today we are off to my sister in law's over at Looe for mother in law's birthday party, wo that should be nice - especially as I don't have to cook this time :) 

Hope you all have a good day. xx

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  1. oh yes......I am an actress/dancer from the 20's xx Hope you all had a lovely Christmas xx


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