Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Fifty album

Here are another couple of pages from my album

Yesterday I said I had come up with a new project, I am still doing the car show rooms, but as they have to be taken at night and most of our evenings have been wet lately, I have had to stop for the moment.  After my post the other day re projects and reading your comments I some how came up with the idea of photographing telephone boxes to this subject matter but I have done and I am really quite excited about it.  I am mainly looking for red telephone boxes, so far I have five photographed and another one I know of that is in someone's front garden so shall have to knock on the door and ask first.

I was hoping to post two I took on Sunday, but my computer is misbehaving at the moment and will not let me upload photos, although I have managed the above two it has stopped working now, so will post this and try again later with the boxes. xx


  1. two more lovely layouts Karen.......you're on a roll.

    Telephone boxes is a good one....look foward to seeing the photos x

  2. Red telephone boxes - great idea. I've done some of those myself, also post boxes. We have one telephone box in a local village which is used as a lending library for second hand books.

  3. They have white telephone boxes in hull x

  4. They have white telephone boxes in hull x


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