Sunday, 10 November 2013

Another week flown by...

I was doing so well with blogging regularly then everyday life interfers and it all goes to pot!!! Last week became a blur after Monday :( struggling to remember what I actually did apart from drive around like a mad woman cursing the farmers even more as my nice clean car is now back to square one and caked in mud again!!!!  Not impressed.  Anyway tomorrow is a new week and I can see it is going to be a busy one again.
Tomorrow evening we are meeting up with my cousin and his partner as they are down here for a week, really looking forward to it as I haven't seen them since last year.  The rest of the week is the usual -  work.  I have had the weekend off and I actually did some scrapbooking..... shock horror I hear some say, yep I carried on with my Fifty album and really enjoyed it. Here are the first two pages,
This is me and my mum, it is a very simple page and I haven't decided yet what journalling to do hence the big gap on the right :)
 My dad and I - the journalling says "I had not seen these photos before, until May 2013, when I processed the negatives at college"
As it says I processed the photos from negatives I have from when we cleared mum's house out, I hadn't seen them before, so you can imagine my excitement as well as the emotions (dad died when I was 11, just turned 50),
I shall add more pages as the week goes by. 
I remember now that last Monday Mick and I went down west to find the Tinners Way path on the Penwith moor, apparently it is 36 miles long but we only did approximately 3 (that was enough for my leg - that is another story in itself) anyway it wasn't a very exciting walk but here are a couple of photos I took.
These stones are known as Chun Quoit and you can read about them here

It was a glorious day whilst we were walking but it did come to rain in the afternoon.
Thank you all of you who told me about your photography projects, it is nice to know what inspires others to take photos of certain things.  I have come up with a new project and one that I am very excited about and we went out today so I could start collecting some images, I shall tell you about it during the week.


  1. I somehow managed to miss your projects posts so am belatedly answering your question.

    I'm currently doing the photo a day meme but, although it us making me use the camera every day, it hasn't really inspired me. One project Ced started me off on was to collect an image of every number from 1 to 100. You are not allowed to use the same subject matter for more than one image, so for example, if you use a house number off one number, you can't photograph a different house to use for another number. Bit garbled but hopefully you know what I mean.

    Another one I'm working on is 'signs of life'. This is images capturing the fact that a person has been there but there is no person shown in the picture. For example, a hand print on a door or a lost glove.

    I'm also considering something to do with photographing food as this is one area that I want to improve. Don't quite know what yet though.

    Hope this has given you some ideas but it sounds like you already know what your project is going to be.

  2. What a great find photos of you and your Dad. You must be over the moon.

    Yep our car is also covered in mud again, not impressed!! Take care Diane

  3. What a great find photos of you and your Dad. You must be over the moon.

    Yep our car is also covered in mud again, not impressed!! Take care Diane

  4. how unexpected to find those precious photos. Great layouts too karen, good to see you scrapping!! x


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