Friday, 1 November 2013

A New Life.

Last night I went to bed as Auntie Karen and woke up this morning as Great Auntie Karen, how excited and proud am I ..................VERY!!!
So I would like to introduce you all to my Great neice, Ekaterina (silent E) Joyce Nolan, weighing in at 3.620kg (approx 7.8lb I think), arriving at 10.36pm on the 31st Oct 2013. So I now  need to plan a trip up to London to meet her.

Think she will have her mother's dark eyes :)



  1. Congratulations - what an unusual name. She's beautiful x

  2. Congrats!! Great excuse to get to London.

  3. She's so beautiful. You are one very lucky great auntie. xx

  4. Congratulations to all concerned x x

  5. Congratulations. She is beautiful and they make a lovely family

  6. Congratulations!!! Lovely family!
    /In traditional Bulgarian folk culture day of St. Ekaterina is celebrated on November 24. Our family doctor is /said/ Ekaterina too./

  7. wow a great aunt..congrats Karen. Hope you get a cuddle soon x


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