Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Lucky snapping

Still pondering on the future and what would I like to be doing or do next year!!  Well, as I said yesterday I do like to plan things and have something to look forward, which has it disadvantages as it means I am always looking forward in time and not necessarily enjoying the here and now!! So I have to try and keep a happy balance on that score.

I would like to do some more travelling next year, doesn't have to be for long stays, a long weekend would do and to do some of the trips on the motorbike and camp. Mick is going to Switzerland again in Sept and Spain in May with the boys, so hopefully he and I will get some trips in as well.

One from last night, I popped over to the Mercedes garage to take some more pics for my college project. The only thing I have done to this is to crop the bottom to remove the drain.  May look to converting to b&w tomorrow.

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  1. I used to ride on the pillion of a motor bike in my teens and I have fancied doing again but not sure if I will.

  2. Karen like you I love to plan and look forward to something but really like to live for now and rarely look back or forward!!

  3. Totally agree with the importance of keeping a good balance. I hope you can travel as much as you can.

  4. It is hard to keep a good balance. I am finding I am a lot like Lynne. LOL

  5. its good to have something to look forward too I think x


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