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Lucky Snapping - Laughter

My quote for this week in October are 2 quotes on Laughter. I liked them both!
  • “A laugh is a smile that bursts” ~ Mary H Waldrip 1907- 1998
  • “ Remember you don’t stop laughing because you grow old,
  You grow old because you stop laughing” ~ Anon
An interesting website 
It says “ we are passionate about laughing. It illuminates life. It is refreshes and invigorates us, enhancing our everyday world. Laughter is the icing on the fruitcake of our existence and too good to leave to chance.
Can you remember the last time you had a good belly laugh?”
What makes you really laugh? Do you laugh as much now as you did when you were younger?
Show us some photos of what makes us laugh or you laughing, not just smiling.  I might find this difficult as I rarely laugh out loud...never have!   So I will be showing you what makes me laugh!
As soon as I read Lynne challenge I knew I would be taking part this week as laughing I seem to do a lot of - thank goodness, a lot of the time it is at myself - which is also pretty good I feel! 
I can't always explain why something makes me laugh, guess none of us can, something just catches the funny sense in me and when that happens I am off, this story is just one such occasion that still gets me laughing uncontrollably and I don't know why?? Hopefully some of you will find it funny as well - though probably not as I think it is one of those 'need to be there' moments.

So my first post for the week takes me back nearly three years when we were searching for a university for Bernadette.  Mick and I took it in turns to take her to the varies universities to have a look around.  For some reason she insisted that he took her to Oxford, I have no idea!!!  Anyway I was booked to take her to Warwick, so being me I decided we would travel up one day, stop at the Clarks Village on route (well with a slight detour!!) to Warwick stay the night somewhere then onto Warwick Uni the next day and see what we had to see!!  The plan had gone really well, shopping done, b&b found and very nice, food was OK, not going to win any prizes but we were fed.  We woke up to a frost which was not so great as I had not gone prepared for frosted windscreens hence nothing to scrap the windows with in the morning. After lots of moaning, scratching at the ice and stress levels rising we set off, not as calm as I would have liked but we were on our way.   I must just say here, that I am happy driving 99% of the time but not when I don't know where I am in a busy area, plus I DO NOT get on with Mrs Sat Nav, with her irritating American twang trying to impersonate a British accent constantly saying "recalculating" "recalculating"!!!  I don't use her any more after an incident back in Nov,  I have reverted back to a good A-Z and using my tongue to ask directions and funnily enough I don't get lost any more!! 
Anyway I digress we are happily driving along to Warwick uni when we came across a sign post for a village  - well I cannot explain why but it really hit a funny nerve with me (I am even laughing at it now) I do apologise if anyone reading this happens to live there or know someone who does.  The place is called SNITTERFIELD ....... it got so bad I had to stop the car as I actually had tears rolling down my eyes and tummy ache!!!!  Seriously it left me totally uncontrollable, thankfully Bernadette was laughing as well (though I think at me more!!)  why it makes me laugh I just don't know, but I shall be chuckling over this all day. 

You can now guess why she didn't want me to go to Oxford with her, so glad she didn't get in lol

I will grow up one day but not just yet!!
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  1. I think I would have laughed at that one, too. My sister's step-daughter lives in Marlow Bottom!
    Joy xx

  2. i was chuckling as i could see and hear you laughing x

  3. Laughing doesn't really need a reason and sometimes it's so personal that nobody else can understand, but as long as we laugh, it's good for our health ! xxx

  4. Like your post! Great photo!
    Good memories!

  5. Karen the thought of you laughing so much made me laugh as well.

  6. When I go to Lincolnshire I always drive through a village called Spittle in the Street !!!!!! Does make me titter every time x


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