Tuesday, 22 October 2013

BlogtoberFest Day 22

Today I feel like I am impersonating a pin cushion having had the last of a set of three vaccine jabs for an accident back in August and then the doctor wanting bloods from me for some test for something?  Normally I don't mind but this time I have been left feeling a bit queasy - which is not nice, plus I need to sort out having the flu jab and I know that will knock me out for a couple of days as it did last year.  Still apparently it is all for my own good so moan not eh?  Only managed to edit one image today due to other things happening and now I have been called into work early!!!
For a change I thought I would show you the before and after image.  I am not big on editing images with photo shop but I do sometimes do a little.  Lately I have been using Light room, which is lovely it seems much easier than photo shop.  Anyway here is the before, the sky has over exposed due to the bright sun hence the trees are a bit under exposed.

This is the edited version, I used a graduated filter, changing the exposure to bring the sky back in, then one on the right hand side to bring the trees back in and then one on the bottom to slightly darken the foreground down a bit hoping to push the eye in to the centre.  Then I slightly cropped the right side.
Discovered this blog today Rose Street Reflections some wonderful photos on there, right up my street.


  1. Sorry to read you are feeling grotty. It was interesting to compare your photo, before and after, not actually sure which I prefer!

  2. I love what you've done to the photo, Karen. Is Light shop a free app? I have Photoshop Elements 8, which I was given when I did my OU course, so am used to it now, but it is fairly limited in options.

  3. We had our flu jabs on Saturday morning, would not even know we had them! Keep well Diane


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