Thursday, 3 October 2013

BlogtoberFest Day 3

Last night was the first evening of my photography course.  As with all courses the first evening is finding your way around and intros, though that wasn't too bad as all but one knew each other.  Thankfully there is another lady on the course so I am not the only female - which is often the case and does get boring with all that male testosteronal (my word) egos flying everywhere as they do with photography!!!!  It always starts with the smile and the question "and what kind of camera do you use??"  Anyway thankfully I knew all the males and they know me well enough not to go down that road lol
So this week we have to come up with an idea for a project to create a body of work - I have a couple of ideas flying around in my head but need to work out if I could actually do them, so the thinking cap is on.
I have actually been given the go ahead from the physio to go for a 'short' walk today, so even though it is pouring down out there I am going, fingers crossed the leg holds out and this will be the start of many more.
Photo for today, taken back in May on a visit to Enys Gardens, the house was open so we went in and in one room all these bottles were on the windowsill, I just fell in love with them.
her post for today was right up my street involving music.


  1. I would love to take a photography course, I just do not understand my camera though it does Ok on auto!! Hope you are well Diane

  2. I have waited a long time for this course to come along Diane. You can always ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them for you. xx

  3. ....oh a course Karen - enjoy yourself. Maybe one day i'll get around to signing up for one. Maybe when the boys are older x


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