Friday, 4 October 2013

BlogoberFest Day 4

I need to get this blog in early today as off to the dentist then onto work for the afternoon/evening.  The coming week brings in the changes they have made at work re the cutbacks.  So this will be my first week on my new reduced hours, shorter working days and less travelling!!! Those points are all good until the end of the month comes and the pay slip arrives through the door and then we will really see what the cut backs mean for us.  Still on the bright side I still have a job which I really enjoy, so all is not lost. 
Last night at camera club was the judging of the first competition of the season.  I was very surprised to get a commended award with this photo
it is a Gyr Saker falcon, taken on a Birds of Prey day out with Plymouth Photographic Group.
I popped over to for a peek and Annie has some lovely garden ornaments and very crafty with a sewing machine. I shall be popping back there on a regular basis I think. x


  1. Thanks for the visit, and the link. I've been thinking of joining a camera club in my town.

  2. Thank you Annie, camera clubs can be good so long as people realise there is a particular camera club style to their photography and realise that this is not the only style of photography. xx

  3. wow Karen...the photo is fantastic I'm not surprised you got a commended award. Reduced hours = more photography? :) xx

  4. Wow! That is an amazing photo worthy of an award! It's interesting to read that cut backs happen in so many places on both sides of "the pond"...

  5. That photograph is just beautiful!


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