Saturday, 7 September 2013

First week of September

Well that is another week gone and it has been a good one with three photo shoots (practise sessions) an unexpected request winging it's way into my email box on Monday which has had me rather curious as well as excited all week.  (A full explanation will be given at the end of post.)  The only downer this week was being told at work that with all the changes I was being moved teams, no great issue apart from the small detail of the team I have been on for the last two years has worked Christmas due to the way the rota falls, this year we are due to have Christmas off.  Now they have changed me it means I am ....due to work Christmas yet again this year and the following year!!!!!  As you can imagine I am not a happy teddy over that one  ....but that isn't going to dampen my spirits completely.

Cassi (the cocker spaniel) came to lunch on Sunday with her mum and dad so I could attempt to capture some photos of Cassi running in the garden, once she stopped jumping on top of me when I got on the grass with her we had some fun!!

This one has to be one of my favourites even though I have cut her back legs off - oops!!

Monday I went over to see Yvonne's neighbours who was happy for me to photograph her two children Cody and Lloyd aged 4 & 5 and FULL of beans.  I won't post a photo of them yet as mum hasn't seen then yet and I don't feel that is very fair, plus she may not be happy with me posting them, so need to check first.
Wednesday a friend brought his two youngest daughters and two Dachshund's for me photograph!!!!!  The girls ... fantastic, the dogs....... well hmm lets just say the photos were soooo bad they are hilarious - as you will see below lol


My big excitement of the week though has been an email from a photography tutor at the local college - who I know vaguely - contacting me to see if I would be interested in developing a ten week programme for a photography course starting in October!!  I knew he was looking to run one but wasn't expected to have any input into the actual programme.  So this afternoon I went along to the college to see him, we discussed ideas for the course and came up with a revised programme to what he had written.  Feeling excited as the course will cover stuff that other courses don't cover.  Just hope others out there are interested in the content. He is himself is an excellent photographer with a wealth of knowledge that I/we are going to be able to tap into and a weekly basis. 

In reality, I am sure he has only asked me because a member of the camera club who had attended one of his courses had nagged and nagged him to do a different course in the evening and there were a number of cc members who would be interested in attending the said course - me being one of them.  Anyway , what ever the reason I am happy as I will now being doing a ten week course that will most definitely cover all the things I want  to know and I shall have weekly access to a studio, a darkroom, a huge photographic library and most importantly a wealth of knowledge in the form of Colin.  The course is being advertised on Monday via the college so I shall be booking my place first thing. :)

Hope you have all had a good week as well. xx



  1. I can see why you are so excited. Congratulations, it's well deserved and I'm sure you will do well.

    I love your photos, especially the first three of the very lively dog!

  2. Fantastic news about the course..good luck. Brilliant photos too Karen. Shame about the Christmas shift...this usually happens to Colin when they change his shift every year!! x

  3. Fabulous photos Karen, and I'm so excited for you over the course. With the work thing, I suggest that you all decide to have your Christmas on a different day - we did that one year when Alex had to work on 25th December, after all, its only another day and you can hold your celebration any day you choose, it doesn't have to be the same day as (most) of the rest of us.
    Joy x x

    1. Good idea Joy, I would go with that but Mick does like things to be when they should be!!! lol. xx

  4. Love the photos you are really excelling with your practice shoots x Colin is lucky to have you and you will gain so much from the course.

    1. Thank you Yvonne, not sure if Colin will agree with your thoughts totally, you know what I can be like. lol. xx

  5. Fantastic photos Karen, and I'm quite jealous of your upcoming camera course!! What things will you be covering? Shame about the Christmas work shift though :( x


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