Saturday, 14 September 2013

Nicknames (Lucky Snapping)

Over on Lucky Snapping Anne asked us about nicknames.  Well I have never been a big one for nicknames or shortening names. Unfortunately the nicknames I was given at school weren't nice and I didn't like and didn't do a huge amount for my self confidence or anything else actually.  When we moved to Market Deeping and my brother and I started at the local secondary school we were both very quickly given names.  Ian was nicknamed "Spit" after some character I think, not because he spat, he wouldn't dream of doing that, thankgoodness (a pet hate of mine - in fact a lot of people I think) he was Ok with his nickname and it was given out of friendship and stuck for years.  My nickname was "skinny bone Nolan" and it stayed with me until I left college and all those I had to endure through my education behind me.  As you can guess from the name I was a stick insect when younger.  Funny to think that when I would go back home to visit mum and bump into some of my 'old peers' a lot didn't even realise what my actual name was!!!  Hmm says a lot.  My brother Ian, use to call me book worm - always reading, my grandmother nicknamed me 'grease spot' ??  not sure why but I know it would not have been unpleasant :)  At college my room mate tried to call me 'Kez' I never knew why and thank fully it didn't stick.
Mick doesn't have a nickname, in Cornwall he is known as Mike, in London he is known as Mick and his mum and dad often called him Michael.  When naming the girls I have been quite adamant that their names will not be shortened. Within the family they are Bernadette and Amanda.  Whilst at secondary school, their friends did shorten them to Berni and Manda.  I hate Berni and when a certain boyfriend would ring here and say "can I speak to Berni please" I would apologise and say "sorry no one of that name lives here!" ( we didn't care for him - he is history now :) )  Amanda became 'Manda' which to me is pure laziness in pronouncing the 'A'!!!  Boy I am sounding like a real grumpy old bag on this subject lol
As for us nicknaming the girls - well Amanda was and still gets called 'snuggly' or 'snugs' (mainly by me) because she would climb up on your lap and snuggle into you, (love it )  Bernadette - well Mick calls her 'snazzlyburger'  she can be quite feisty to say the least lol.
Sorry I haven't taken any photos this week.  Bernadette came home on Tues for a few days, so Wed I treated us all to a mini spa, a swim, suana and a facial, it was lovely :) then we had a meal out with m & fil so they could see the girls before the new term starts.  B and I had a lovely afternoon yesterday watching a movie and knitting.  She is having a go at a blanket for the fish and chip babies - it could be interesting, (she hasn't knitted anything before - so I could be finishing it lol).  A has been with the bf for the last two days, saying a long farewell (for all of two weeks!!) she is back today, to packing and more family time :)
So loads of photo ops but none taken :( how dreadful is that!! 

So here is one from May taken at Enys Gardens near Falmouth.

Guess it could count as 'E' .
Have a good weekend everyone. x


  1. karen lovely to find out more about your family and the nacknames they all have/had!

    Sounds as though you have had a great time with the girls these last couple of weeks xx

  2. What a fabulous post Karen, I loved reading it !!! The Enys Gardens look very pretty. xxx

  3. My husband's mother was the same way about names. She gave all three boys names that could not be shortened. Great post. Love the picture.

  4. Sounds like a whole lotta fun x my son is k own as the boss. Think that's because he always want his own way and thinks his opinions are right. However he usually comes to me for advice so may be my fault as I make him look at things from different angles before he opens his mouth lol x

  5. skinny bone Nolan....made me smile.....sorry!!! Having a nickname is part of life...I don't suppose there's many people who have never had one x

  6. I like nicknames and shortened names, I think it is cosy, but I am beginning to think I am in the minority! The spa sounds great and I think that photo is stunning.


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