Thursday, 1 August 2013

Daily Peeks - Day 3

Day 3
Feeling a bit lost after the buzz of the 'Bread Riots' and no 'bodies' to photograph I put out a request on facebook  for willing models for me to practise on, (still can't believe that I did such a thing - so unlike me!!).  One of the chaps I know from camera club volunteered his son.  So this afternoon they appeared, I was expecting an 11yr old, instead a 17yr old walked in!!!  Which, possibly turned out better as he wasn't at all shy and a real poser.  Here are a couple of him. 

(not happy with the background on this - but still like it.)

He was really good with me and didn't mind me sticking my camera in his face, we just stayed in the back garden but have requested he let me do another shoot with him in an urban environment as I think he would be great there.  Can't decide which out of these three I like best, in fact can't decide out of all of them which I like best.  He teachers dance to youngsters and did do some moves for me.  He also bored quite quick and decided he was hungry as he hadn't eaten all day, but I am really grateful for his time.
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  1. Of these three, I like the first one best, shows more of him as he is rather than with the cap which shows him how he would like to be seen.
    Joy xx

  2. I like the first one - maybe because of the softer setting and I think you are right he would work well in a more urban setting with his cap. Different sides of him. Great shots.

  3. I agree with Joy, amazing how kids (and us adults too I guess) use props to give off the look or image we want others to see..xx

  4. Great model - a real discovery. I also really like all three photos!
    /I give voice to the second picture - I like this purposeful look and color of his eyes!/
    Excellent art work - Congratulations!

  5. Lovely looking lad and guess he knows it too!! I like the 1st and 3rd photo!

  6. I love the 2nd photo. Such a cute guy and a great photo ! x

  7. great photos, the black and white one is very effective.

  8. Nice looking young man. I too like the first one best. He looks more natural and not posed in it. You take such wonderful pictures. I am not very good at it myself.

  9. I liked the first one, but I bet he will like the last moody one!

  10. All three are super photos Karen.......If i have to pick a fave it's number two. I like close up shots and this makes you wonder what he's looking at and what he's thinking. It's good to see what others people choose as their favourite xx You'll be photographing his dance pupils next :) xx


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