Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lucky Snapping - daily peeks!!

This week Kathi is encouraging us to post a daily photo - surprise surprise I am already behind and it is only Wed lol.
I have this idea for a photograph that I want to try and create, so Monday evening  I popped out into the garden to have a play with the camera.  As you can see if involves a slow shutter speed and taken in the hours of darkness - right up my street!!  Think I went out a bit too late so will try again tonight if the rain stops and then take the idea to the intended location :) on the right night.  First time I have felt happy about doing a self portrait lol.

Saw the doctor today and he kindly informed me that my distance walking days are over due to the leg injury I developed in Feb.  So he suggested I took up swimming instead of walking!! Hey ho - they did warn me that in Feb but would I listen no - so I am back on this rest activity again, not an activity I have ever really participated in so the Yoga dvd's have been out today ha ha!!


  1. That looks interesting, looking forward to seeing "the real thing". Love the new header too. Joy xx

  2. sorry to hear about the walking, hope swimming goes well though. Well done with the photos, very clever! :)

  3. WOW, great photos, you look like what I imagine ghosts appear to us. Very mysterious. Yoga is good and it will allow you to be patient for a while ! xx

  4. Sorry about your walking, I can identify with you. Swimming is good though. I think your photo is very interesting.

  5. My first thought was also - a ghost. Scary!
    /I was afraid to share it, but then I read the comments. /
    I agree with Anne and the other ladies.
    Courage Karen!

  6. Sorry about your walking as you were a great walker :(

    Interesting photography!

  7. Great photo effect.

    I am sorry to hear your news, frustrating, but hopefully the yoga will help with that.

  8. spooky...i'm glad i'm not the only one who saw a Karen Ghost!! Interesting though and i like to see/read about your techniques...I really need to get practicing again.

    So sorry to hear about your leg...I hope you manage to find an activity that works for you xx


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