Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Vimy - Canadian War Memorial

Whilst in France last week we visited the Canadian War Memorial at Vimy.  Mick had been before but wanted me to see and I am so glad I did, it is an amazing piece of work, in my mind very simple but very meaningful.  Around the actual monument are areas of ground that are cordoned off as these areas have not been cleared since the war and may still contain explosives!!  It made you think about what the conditions must have been like for the soldiers at the time, I say "made you think", but in reality I don't think most of us (me included) can even really start to imagine just what it was like being there.  Very brave men.
When we arrived the monument looked like it was covered in ants (people) and I am ashamed to say the photographer in me was gutted to see two coaches and so many people there as well as a boring white sky.  As we walked towards the monument all the people started to walk towards us and got on the coaches and simply vanished which left Mick and I completely on our own there and then the clouds moved in - I just could not believe it all, me and my camera had the place to ourselves until we started to walk away!! Very bizarre but wonderful.

 Bottom left of the monument as you look at it.
Bottom right as you look at it.

As we left these people arrived providing me with the ideal photo to give a sense of scale, I was surprised that the people on the steps didn't go any further, they were back in their car and gone before we were and I had to smile as they got in their car they were saying how amazing it was - they didn't even go around the back!!!!  Each to their own though.

Around the back, this statue is looking down on what was the battlefield.
 Bottom left from the back 
Bottom right from the back
Close up of above

Centre at the back 

As we left another two coaches arrived!!  That is what I call perfect timing for me :).


  1. Brilliant photos, Karen, and you were sooo lucky with your timing xx

  2. i was thinking perfect timing too. It does look like a great place and you were so lucky not to have those photos spoilt with random people x

  3. I have similar photos and experience here at Vimy!

    lovely photos xx


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