Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lucky Snapping - snapping

Just a couple of photos from my weekend snapping to finish off Lynne's week of snapping.

Meet Cassie, a VERY lively 10wk old cocker spaniel.  She is adorable and so so pretty.  She belongs to a friend who was happy for me to go round to take some photos to use on my cards.  Shall have to have a return visit though, as I am not totally happy with the brightness of the white in her coat, one minute the sun was in the next out!!! Plus I would like some more cuddles from her - any excuse really.

and this is Molly, a 10 wk old Springer Spaniel, belonging to my sister in law. Once again she is adorable and loves cuddles.  Much bigger than Cassie and abit slower but still very lively.

I also have a English Bulldog puppy, called Dudley to go and photograph over the next couple of weeks, when the weather and my shifts match up - so watch this space.


  1. aww they are cuties. We have a cross Springer and although beautiful she is mad and has far far too much energy. In fact I don't think she has ever been warn out!! I hope your sister in law is prepared for madness lol x

  2. Karen great photos of the dogs moving too!
    Thank you for doing my challenge this week xx

  3. We used to have a Springer, He was such a gentle dog but when it was wet our kitchen floor was covered in muddy paw prints in an instant as me had such large hairy feet.

  4. Oh they are so sweet ! I could see one arriving your way and staying at your house for good !

  5. Excellent! Great photos! BRAVO!


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