Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Final Countdown.......

Well you have read about me deciding to do the Moonwalk, the getting a place, you have done my training with me, shared my set backs and the injuries and now we are HERE,
The Pink tent is up
 and now you finally get to see "the bra". 
 It is complete and thankfully still wearable!!!  Everything is sewn in place with the hope that nothing pings off at anypoint!!!  The theme we had was 'Outer Space'  the 3D stars are glow in the dark :) the glitter glue is meant to look like meteors and the circle ribbon planets.

 This time tomorrow I shall be heading off to get my coach to take me to London arriving at 3.20pm, so need to sort some knitting for on route today.  Then meeting my friend. Then we have to be at Battersea Power Station at 9pm Saturday evening then start walking around midnight!!!!  and all being well we will cross the finishing line somewhere between 7am & 8am (had hoped to do it in 6.5hrs but not going to push the leg). 
So today's plan of action is a body plummelling at 8.30am, physio 1.30pm for retaping, pack bag, sort knitting, go to college tonight and then hit the sack :)  oh must charge camera batteries as well and clear memory cards!!!! Nearly forgot that.
Am I excited......YES, but I am just as equally nervous about the whole event!!!!
Thank you everyone for all your support over the last few months re this walk - it has meant  a lot to me.  xxx 


  1. Good luck Karen, will be thinking of you. The bra looks great, xx

  2. Thank you Joy, nervous and excited all at the same time lol. xx

  3. it would be too late for me to wish you luck now. Glad it went well and you made a weekend of the event x


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