Monday, 13 May 2013

I DID IT.....

We completed the Moonwalk, took us 8.5 hrs but we did it.  Feeling very pleased with ourselves, even more so because the leg was/is fine, no aches and only one blister on the sole of my right foot.  First one I have had so can't really complain. 
We went up on the Friday, saw my nephew and his fiancé and then just chilled for the rest of the evening.  In the morning we had a leisurely breakfast then went to see Mama Mia in the afternoon, which was fantastic, so funny, I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys musicals. After that we headed over to Battersea.  This is where things became interesting if not a bit frustrating, the queue to get in was over a mile long!!!!!  and whilst waiting we had the most horrendous rain storm and strong biting wind that we were all soaked to the skin before we even got into the venue!!!  Not the best of starts but everyone was still smiling and laughing. We set off at 11.45pm, hands up we were too wimpy to wear just our bras as it was so cold, some did and I admire them, but I know I would not have made it if I had taken my top off.  My big frustration was that we couldn't get up any speed due to the amount of walkers and having to keep to the pavements it made it difficult to get pass people, but on hindsight that may have been best as it stopped many from going off to quick (me for one).  Sorry to say it wasn't too long before we saw women stopped by the side taking their trainers off and rubbing their feet, some only 5 miles into the walk!!!  The saddest thing was seeing some sit down a mile away from the end saying they can't go on, when they had come so far and done so well.  I also felt for those that were taken off in the continuous ferry of ambulances that were called!!  All that was a real eye opener for me.  The public that saw us were amazingly supportive and the volunteer stewards who lined the route all night were fantastic cheering us on
 and encouraging us, they deserved the medals in my mind.
Some of the photos taken on the night.
 Sue and I in the tent, the bras only came out for photos, just tooooo cold! Taken at 10.54pm on Sat. (Word of advice do not write on skin with a permanent maker!!!! What the photo doesn't show is that Sue wrote 50 today on my tummy as well.  Hopefully it will come off - eventually!!!)
Such a welcome sight this sign. The plastic see through bags - or ponchos were surprisingly warm, thank goodness.
 Some of the wonderful volunteer stewards who lined the route all night to encourage us on our merry way and keep us safe crossing the roads.
 Still smiling at 8.14am

The medal that everyone who finishes receives.



  1. Well done Karen, what a brilliant achievement xxx

  2. Thank you Joy, really glad I did it. xx

  3. Well done Karen, I was wondering if it was still to come up or if I missed it. You must both be so proud of yourselves. Your medal is so beautiful, it must be worth it, even only for that ! LOL at the permanent marker ! xxx

    1. Thanks Anne, had a great time. xx

  4. Well done!!

    So this will become your new hobby?


    Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Thank you, one of my many Stewart - though this one is addictive and does give you more energy to do all the rest :) x

  5. Well done!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. Well done on completing the moon walk. I love your bras. It looks like you had a great time.

  7. I wondered if you'd write about your walk and now see that you did. Well done, what a sense of achievement you must have felt. For a great cause too. Love the photos. I've got permanent marker on me too :) ....hoping it will eventually wear off!!


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