Tuesday, 23 April 2013

One last music one

Whilst doing the musical memories last week I couldn't really think of a song that took me back to when the girls were growing up, so I ask them what song reminds them of me and this is what they came up with.
Bernadette's song is Affirmation by Savage Garden, although she doesn't care for them, she remembers me singing away to this and loves the lyrics, as I do, hence I picked a video showing the words.

Amanda's choice - as soon as she said it I knew why.  This track was playing in the car with me singing away as usual as we went to Trago, unfortunately I was so engrossed in the song that I missed the entrance to the shop, not once but twice!!!!!  They have never let me live that one down!!!  Even I couldn't believe it!!

I was wondering if I could stretch this to go with Lynne challenge of rest........but I could be pushing it I think. lol  I promise no more video's for awhile now.

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  1. Two things, one, I smiled thinking of you singing out loud in your car to those tunes and two, I love the idea of asking your children what songs remind them of you!!! That is genius! Thanks for sharing Karen!


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