Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lucky Snapping Challenge - Quote

This week Lynne challenge is a quote - which I think is rather beautiful and inspiring and I like inspiring things.

and the challenge......
Here is our quote
 “ Make rest and refreshment a necessity, not a luxury”

I am hoping that this quote will get you snapping again!  
Let’s show each other photos of ourselves, friends, family and even strangers resting and eating or photos of what we do or would like to do for rest and for refreshment!
Hmm for those who know or are getting to know me, you will know that 'rest' is a foreign word to me it goes with that word that other foreign work 'relax' as well. So I guess I am being doubly challenged here as to photograph it I will have to do it!!
Ok these following photos were taken on Saturday before Lynne set this challenge but I think they fit in.  After work on Sat Mick and I decided to go for a walk over The Nare.  It is a favourite walk of ours but we haven't been there for awhile.



  1. Good quote and one that I'm having to adhere to at the moment so very timely. The Nare looks peaceful and tranquil and definitely restful. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

  2. I love the quote and your photos are definitely refreshing! Beautiful place!

  3. These pictures are the perfect fit for Lynne's quote! Wonderful place!

  4. Wow Karen how beautiful were those views on Sat with such lovely weather in the UK!

    I am sure you will during the week find restful places and of course plenty of refreshment too!!

  5. What a beautiful place and I am sure it brought you a sense of cal and relaxation. I am short of it at the moment and whilst I like to be busy, Lynne's reminder is perfect. I am looking forward to a bit of r&r in a couple of week's time. xxx

  6. You live in such a beautiful place, it must be so easy to relax as soon as you walk out of the door.
    We are coming somewhere down your way in July, staying at Woodford Bridge, south of Bideford, so we are hoping to have another relaxing week.

  7. It's a little paradise, I wouldn't mind having a lying chair there !

  8. What beautiful views you have! The pictures are wonderful and are relaxing for me just to look at them.


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