Saturday, 12 January 2013


Over on Lucky Snapping 2013 this week a challenge was set to write about Serendipity (copied below from the blog)

Today's word is Serendipity. I absolutely love this word. If you never heard it before, it means
the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it
In simple words, it's taking joy out of something that you didn't expect.
It 's a stranger smiling at you and making your day.
It's your granddaughter saying " you look beautiful today ".
It's a letter from an old friend you had lost contact with.
It's a song that brings back some beautiful memories.

It's a smell that makes you hungry when you weren't.

During this week, we will concentrate on the little things life brings, these little things that we sometimes are too busy to see. It is a good exercise to look for these moments during this coming week but you also can use moments having happened before and come back and add moments that will happen in the future. Remember, we are building a " Silver Lining book " for difficult times. Anything that can help you, can go inside.

You are doing this challenge for yourself, so whatever your serendipity examples will be this week or earlier, they are yours. We are all different, so if your examples only make sense to you and nobody else, that's OK. If you want to only share some with us and leave the others hidden, that's OK. If you want to explain a lot or just a little, that's OK. What is important is what you are doing for yourself.

Well having spent the week umming and arring about whether to join in or not I eventually decided I would, as I think it is a great idea and one I shall actually enjoy. So what made me smile this week unexpectedly. 
Monday evening I was sorting some photos out for the return to camera club and a club competition, as Mick walked by he stopped and his comment about the image I was looking at was "I really like that and would be happy to have it on the wall"!!!!   Well I nearly fell off my chair to be honest.  He is very supportive in my photography but we have totally different tastes and we don't usually agree, so for him to say that made my day.  Just have to decide where to put it now!! 

Tuesday a great walk (7miles in 1 hr 56mins) then coffee with Bob from camera club, playing with his new camera and surprised myself by pointing out all the things of interest to photograph in the cafe, the rack of colourful scarves, the selection of charity boxes etc etc we had a field day, much to the owners amusement, (just as well she knows us)
Nothing special on Wed and Thurs - though great to see everyone at camera club again.
Friday - a special friend told me something that took me totally by surprise and did leave me speechless (a very rare event I have to say) but very happy - sorry unable to share.
Today I smiled to myself when I stopped to let some cars come through a width restriction, (they had right of way) but each one put their hand up and thanked me, they didn't have to but they did and it made all the difference.


  1. Oh I think for sure your first page of Silver Lining, even if just the photo you choose, must be that one which prompted Mick's 'outburst' of enthusiasm.. good on ya Karen.. great pic too and so happy you are joining us, it is only one a week unless you want to do more.. my turn next week.. xx

  2. Hi Karen welcome to Lucky Snapping, hope you can join us each week and I am sure you could take a photo of a view for last week (1) if you wanted too. I have seen you post on Kathi's blog all through last year so will enjoy getting to 'know you' on your blog in 2013 :) x

  3. Hi Karen and welcome.
    I love your photo.

  4. I have to agree Karen, this photos is beautiful, very stylish.
    I am so glad you experienced these moments and were able to recognize them. xxx

  5. That is such a fab photo,and sounds like you had a great week
    love and hugs

  6. It's a great hidden corner, with romanesque architecture:) Thanks for sharing!


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