Tuesday, 15 January 2013

365 Update

A mammoth catch up on my 365 photos.
 Now you may be wondering how this is a photo from my car window, well the truth is I forgot and this is one taken of the scarves in the cafe I said about in my serendipity post
Looking towards Truro staion, normally you can never get parked along here, but just before Christmas the council put up time plates so you can only park there for two hours - has really helped the parking situation. (that is rain drops on my windscreen not blobs on my sensor!!)
 Restronguet Point, had to stop and buy my first daffs of the year.  
Last Friday morning, the mist was covering Truro, the photo doesn't show it that great - it is in the distance the houses and cathedral are just poking out.

Most definitely not from my car window, didn't go out after my fall on Friday (resting the ankle) so felt abit domesticated and made a couple of cranberry and apple crumbles to use up the left over cranberries, very nice to :)


  1. A bit late but Happy New Year to you. Oh I remember Truro, I cycled through there when I did the End to End in 2002. All the way from Lands End to John O'Groats. I must have been nuts but we made lots of money for St Johns Ambulance.
    http://www.end2end.nidi.org.uk/ Keep well Diane

    1. Always thought the Lands End to John O'Groats sounds a great challenge, well done for doing it. x

  2. oooh those crumbles look delish x Hope the ankles better x

    1. He he there were :) ankle is fine now thank you. x

  3. Great photos to start to get to know you this year xx

    1. Thank you Lynne and welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy it. x

  4. Yummy, bet the pies were delicious and your photos and descriptions are amazing.

  5. There were Sandra and thank you for your comments. x


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