Monday, 28 January 2013

POTD update

22.1 The road into Tregony,
 23.1 Another car park, waiting for Nina to go and see Peter Fraser

24.1 On the way home from Plymouth
 25.1 The best place in the world Friday night, home after a very busy shift.

26.1 Tresillian petrol station

 27.1 Truro Cathedral, veiw from another car park
+1 Had a gap between shifts last night, so stopped in Boscawen park and took a photo looking back
towards Truro, that is the Cathedral on the right.

As you can see most of my images feature rain on the windscreen, I am convinced it will stop at some point.


  1. Karen great photos showing where you live, still don't know what your job is?

  2. Your last photo is amazing Karen. All of them together really show us what your day was like.

  3. tut taking photos while you're driving!!! :)
    the last photo is beautiful Karen x

    1. Ssshh it had to be tried didn't it. Just don't tell Colin!!! x

    2. my lips are sealed lol!!!

  4. I like the night time shots of Truro.. wow you do have to do a lot of driving ..poor hun..must organise the coffee soon, things settling down now..x

  5. Wonderful photos, Karen!
    To me it was very interesting to see them! Thank you!

  6. wow you could sell your last photo, it is amazing love it

  7. What a lovely array of photos x


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