Thursday, 4 October 2012

26wk Challenge - Lights

Well where has the time gone again, one minute I was packing my bags for a weekend away and the next it is the following weekend and my poor little feet don't seem to have touched ground since Yvonne dropped me home Monday morning. Hence this is the first real chance I have had to get on here to update with last week's challenge. So, 'lights', here are my three, I finally went to the fair last week and took some shots. So these are my light shots.
 AV mode, ss2.5secs, f22, ISO 100, 50mm.
AV mode, ss 1/20, f5.6, ISO 200, 50mm

The week before I trundled down to the station one evening (this is what happens when my husband goes away for ten days!!)
AV mode, ss 20 secs, f20, ISO 200, 50mm
Admittedly these fall into light trails abit as well but there are static lights in them as well.  The start bursts on the lampposts are created by a small aperture.

To see Louise's images go here thanks for joining in.  Two more challenges to go on the list, the current one is 'A sense of Place', choose a location and produce three images that tell the viewer something about that place. Upload the images to your blog by the 14th October. Have fun. x


  1. these are amazing photos Karen - so glad you noted your camera setting, i'll be making some notes!!

    i did get it wrong this challenge then lol! xx

  2. These photos are amazing, wish I knew more about cameras. My little supermarket camera I just point and press and hope!
    Take care Diane

  3. Oh wow, I love the first one and I'm guessing you used a tri-pod???

  4. Hi Karen, great photos! I've not visited for a while so going to have a catch up! xx


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