Friday, 28 September 2012

Tickled Pink

Still in shock at the fact that this photo was placed second in a club competition last night. First time in two years that I have been placed lol  I'm surprised at how chuffed I am.  Taken in Rhodes, the land on the horizon is Turkey and the chair was just one of the many odd abandoned items on the beach.  I just put it where I wanted it.

I am going away today for a weekend of walking, talking, crafting, knitting and of course photography with Yvonne, (hope she knows what she has let herself in for!!)  Kathi is going to join us Sat evening for tea as well, so should be fun - apart from Yvonne informing me that we may not have internet access!!!!!!  Hope she is prepared to deal with my major withdrawal symptons!!!!  Anyway, if we haven't got access I shall upload my light images on Monday. 


  1. Wow, its a great shot, well done. Enjoy your weekend, Joy xx

  2. That is just can feel the warmth of the wind.. mind you Col would say shame the chair is broken! I love old wrecked wooden boat pics and he says why don't you have a picture of a new boat!! Hope you get this before you leave.. see you tomorrow!

  3. wow Karen, congratulations. It is an amazing it x

  4. Congratulations, you deserve to win a prize with that photo, it is gorgeous. have a good week. Diane

  5. Gorgeous photo! I love sunsets! And well done on being placed! xx


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