Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Toys and Hobbies

After approximately six months of listening about different bike (motorbike that is) specifications, build quality, how this one holds it value better than that one, the one I have is fine ... it is just..... there is one for sale and it has only done x amount of miles and would only cost if I got ? for mine but it is so far up the line !!!  I don't need another one this one will do me fine for Scotland AND Switzerland..... but there happens to be one in Plymouth and it is a really good deal and part exchange on mine !! I am sure there are some of you reading this who are smiling and know exactly what I am talking about. It takes place around every three to four years in this house and it still makes me smile that we go through it knowing what the outcome will be -  Mick has a new toy - though he would say it is for us ????  Yes I go on the back, yes he takes me to places I want to photograph on it but us!!!   He is now the proud owner of a
admittedly it does look nice and once the rain stops and it ventures out of the garage I will photograph the whole thing to show you.  So I can feel a weekend of bike bonding coming on between man and his toy.

I, on the other hand have finished Bernadette's vest top that she requested I knitted for her - it is just awaiting a press now.  Now to finish the pair of socks I started after Christmas!
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  1. Love it - can remember years back when mine wanted to trade my car in so he could get us one v posh car and a runaround. The answer was an emphatic no. Think it is a bit different with a bike :0)
    Have fun on your new wheels and thanks for the comments x

  2. Oh Karen - I've just read your post to Col as this is exactly what i have to go through too. I KNOW exactly what you mean!!

    It does look very nice!! and at least you know that it will keep him quiet for a few years now lol!!


  3. Oh yes I can just hear that conversation in my house. xx Congrats on finishing the vest and going on to finishing your socks before starting something else, shows such restraint xx 2' 7" of my shawl done just 5" to go xx

  4. Boys and their toys :) I hope you enjoy a peaceful Easter weekend.


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