Sunday, 8 April 2012

Time to stop being lazy

Last December I decided to take on a photo a day project and started off really well and keen, well lately I have become very lazy when it comes to taking a photo and just snap anything and make that do - which is not what I intended to do when I started it, so today I have given myself a good kick up the backside and need to make more of an effort.  So today Amanda agreed to play model for me (she wanted new fb photos!! - still works two ways) and this is a few of the ones we like the most.
The first one was taken indoors, the rest outside.

I think the thrid one is my favourite - shows more character, but the fourth may be my POTD.


  1. hi Karen, these are lovely. Beautiful model and beautiful photographs!

  2. Amanda must love these Karen they are fantastic. Funny how my favourite photos differ from yours.I like 5 & 6, the last two. x

  3. Well done you for giving up alcohol for Lent!

  4. Karen, how lucky you are to have daughters, my sons hate being photographed, I usually try to catch them unawares, or otherwise they will pose stiffly or be embarrassed. Lovely photos of an attractive young lady.
    Joy xx

  5. guess Amanda is your daughter? She is very pretty, and shows your photos show her personality really well - very, very well done. Happy Easter Karen. x

  6. And you've given up alcohol for Lent? Bloody well done for that - you are a stronger bod than me then. Guess you are tucking into a vino or two as I type...?!

  7. Thank you everyone.

    Louise I must admit #5 is now becoming my fav and ended up as my POTD.

    Eileen and Janice thanks re the alcohol didn't sucumb last night either.

    Janice - Amanda is our youngest just wish her sister would pose as well :( still can't have everything eh?

  8. I love the second last photo, its really beautiful. I'm still learning how to use my Canon EOS 550D but maybe I'm not spending enough time trying because my pics are not always that good.
    I have a teenage grandson who will only let me take photos of him if no one else is around so I always have to have to have the camera handy somewhere.


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