Friday, 30 December 2011

Stockings or sacks? - JYC- 23

When I was a child Santa delivered our presents in a pillowcase that he borrowed for the evening and one of dad's socks (clean I hasten to add!!).  In the sock would be an orange,an apple, a couple of nuts and four or five chocs, I remember this being really special to me as that was the only time we any of those items.  I tried doing it for my two a few years back and I was greeted with "what's all this about?"  It just didn't have the same magic/meaning :(  shame.  Nowadays Santa delivers his gifts in a fabric sack that a family friend made for the girls years ago and a fabric stocking that I made for them when they were little and I did such things as sewing!!  Do I have a photo of these items, so here is one of my wreath holding pride of place on the gate, (couldn't get a hook to attach it to the door!)  this is a new tradition that I have started this year, so enjoyed making this - really don't want to take it down, it may have to take up residence in the green house!!

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  1. That is a really pretty wreath. Love the orange slices. I wouldn't want to take it down, either! When I was little St. Nicholas would leave a few small items in our boots. I felt the same way about that that you feel about the pillow case and he sock. :)


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