Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas Eve - JYC 24

As mentioned previously Christmas Eve we normally go to Mousehole, but it was brought forward this year due to my working the Christmas weekend in the evenings. So Mick suggested they popped down to see his mum and dad in Falmouth then Bernadette came up with the idea that she would make chicken and leek pasties and take them down there to cook for tea. So whilst Amanda went to work, Mick played in the garage (as boys do!!) I played assistant cook to Bernadette, preparing the pasty contents for the chef to put together, and though I say it myself she did a very good job of them and they tasted delicious and I have just realised that we didn't take a photo of them!!!!
Christmas veg was also prepared, hoover whipped around (again - makes me sound like some domestic goddess which I am definitely NOT!). Pressie's handed out to the girls before bedtime, but not opened! Then off to bed which for the girls is to share a room as they have done for the last so many years on Christmas Eve.  A couple of related photos but no pasties - sorry!

Pressie's on Christmas Eve, the sack on the floor is one of the one's mentioned in my previous post, just to prove they do exist and I didn't realise I had a photo!!

and one Amanda will not thank me for (sorry darling) her mattress moved into B's room and as it was Christmas Thomas and Racky had to come out as well. Thomas has been with Amanda for nearly 16yrs now and as you can see if very well loved.  He is much travelled, US, France, Carnaries just to name a few holiday destinations he has been to.  He has to wear a jacket now as there isn't really a lot left of him for me to so up, he has catarats in both eyes and hearing loss in both ears due to loss of ears. 

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