Saturday, 12 November 2011

Photo Challenge - Backyard

Here are my three images for the first theme of the 26 Photo Challenge

First image, shooting details. AV mode, shutter speed 1/25, f5.6, ISO 100, focal length 90mm, exposure comp +1/3 to lighten slightly.   This was hand held which was not idea as the area was abit shaded hence the shutter speed was abit slow therefore not that sharp.  Why did I take this, it is the platform the oil tank sits on and bits that Mick finds/collects seem to be put there, just one of those odd little collection points that we seem to have!  Plus I love the stones he finds on his travels at work.

 AV mode, shutter speed 1/8, f7.1, ISO 100, focal length 41mm.  Once again hand held, looking upwards, once again a shaded area, slow shutter, exposure comp +2/3. This is the underneath the balcony, I like the pattern and texture of the wood, looking damp though.

AV mode, shutter speed 0.4, f25, ISO 100, focal length 55mm, exposure comp -2/3 to darken slightly. This was taken on a tripod due to very slow shutter speed to blur the movement of the water. My last and favourite, these leaves had got trapped in the wire across the pond and I thought they looked really attractive (blueberry leaves), the orange in the water is the fish.  I like the pattern of the wire and the reflection in the water.
Which do I think is my best, possibly the last, for sharpness and interest.  Over you to now to critique :)


  1. looks like a damp dark day when you took these.

    your first photo - we have a place like this! interesting photo and normally I would wonder why someone took this. I like the focus point and dof.

    The wood fills the whole frame in the second image and shows great texture.

    Your third image is my favoutite were good to get your tripod out...Captured perfectly with the fish and leaves. Although on first sight i didn't realise it was the pond until you pointed out the water and fish!

  2. Lovely pictures Karen.

    First Pic. I loved the stones and the nuts and bolts and I like the depth of field behind. I am not sure about the blurred bit at the front as this seemed to draw my eye. The rest of it is lovely and sharp.

    Pic 2 Great textures and the damp improves this like you I just like the look of wood, a great natural picture

    pic 3 This has to be my favorite too, you can see a lot of thought went into taking it. It may have been improved with a slight crop but then I love the effect of the water

    Love and Hugs

  3. Hi Karen! It was good for me to see how your challenge works and I will go spend my 15 minutes outside tomorrow Sunday as it is way too wet for me today!
    Your first photo was very interesting to me with its different textures. I really like the point of view but I have to agree with Yvonne in the fact that the blurry part in the forefront is distracting.
    Second photo: more great texture and geometric lines. For some reason it looks very yellow to me.
    Last photo: beautiful!!!! The contrast of colours make me think of a photo printer's ad!!! I love the sharp fence over the blurry water!

    PS: I couldn't find your email address to send you mine like you requested!!! If you go on my blog and click on "Connect" you should be able to see mine ;)

  4. Hi Karen. Thank you for organising this. I am off to give feedback now. I agree with Yvonne on the first one.It needs cropping to get rid of the blurry foreground but I like the unusual subject. I like that the lines lead you across the photo in the second.
    The rich colours of the third are fantastic especially with the grey colour of the water but I would crop it slightly tighter to make the leaves bigger. It is my favourite too.
    Great shots :0)

  5. Hi Karen - just to say i've posted now xx

  6. Hi Karen.

    Photo 1 - this is lovely. I like the colours and the subject matter makes for an interesting shot. Like some of the others I feel that the area at the bottom of the picture detracts from, rather than adds to, the overall image. I wouldn't have cropped the picture, just removed (if possible) the leaf (or whatever it is). I like the way the black (oil tank?) creates a frame around the bolts and stones and moves your eye to the centre of the photo.

    Photo 2 - quite an abstract shot which I really like. I'm not sure that I have any advice on how to improve it - I probably would have gone in closer and concentrated on the texture but that is actually talking about a completely different photograph altogether. Sorry, waffled a bit there!

    Photo 3 - My favourite. I love the colours and the strong contasting colours. Love the grid effect of the mesh and the softness of the water. I may have cropped it to make the leaves more dominant in the picture but again this would change the mood of the photo so I'm not sure. All I know is I wish I'd taken it!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my photos - much appreciated. Roll on challenge 2!

  7. Hello Karen,
    Thanks for organising this challenge, I have enjoyed seeing everyone's take on the subject, and I have commented on most of them. I dont find this particularly easy, but I'm going to give it a go, having read everyone elses comments on your pics.
    shot 1. I hadn't really noticed the blur at the front because my eye was drawn directly to the bolts, but as it has been mentioned I looked at it, but I dont think I'd change it.I love all the different textures, and macro work is my favourite.
    shot 2. An interesting perspective, and I love converging parallel lines, but like eileen, I would have taken a shot to concentrate more on the texture of the wood
    shot 3. lovely shot, and my favourite of the three, but I think I would have cropped a bit off the left hand side.
    looking forward to seeing the next batch.


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