Sunday, 13 November 2011

26wk Photo Challenge - Photograph the Light.

Thank you everyone who took part in the 'Backyard challenge'.  For the next fortnight we are going to be looking at photographing the light, not lights themselves but what the light does, ie creates contrast, shadows, reflections, patterns, different shades of colours, even the rays of the sun if you are lucky enough to see any at the moment.

Here is one I took at the end of Sept of the early morning sun shining throught the trees, my main focus in the photo is the rays. 
At the end of the fortnight 27/11/11 upload your first, last and fav/best image for everyone else to critique.  Have fun and happy looking!


  1. This is such a beautiful photograph. You have really captured the atmosphere and the light.

  2. Oh my , this looks like it is out of some enchanted tale!!! I just posted my photos for the Backyard challenge :)

  3. Hi - what a splendid picture! The woodland looks like it should be full of spiders!

    Stewart M - Australia

  4. I just posted my three photos for this challenge. I got a little away from the instructions but I worked on my aperture priority :)


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