Sunday, 2 October 2011

Wkly photo

Vehicles was this week's topic.  We seem to collect vehicles in this household, two motorbikes, three cars, one tractor and three push bikes, I felt that I could manage a photo or two this week lol.  I feel I should explain that one of the bikes was a restoration project of Mick's from years ago and lives under a sheet in the garage, as is the tractor - which also lives in the garage (small tractor).  The cars speak for themselves!!
Louise's image can be found here.  Kathi's image is here and Sam's image is here

Anyway here are my offerings.

 The Prancing Moose badge on the back of the car - much classier than a prancing horse!!

 The tractor has now been moved into the garage to keep warm over the winter along with the bike!!!

I did have other images of the bike but unfortunately it hasn't been out for awhile and was rather dusty hence I couldn't show them - it did encourage Mick to give it a good wash and polish today.

Next week's theme is 'abandoned' so that could be anything that you feel gives the sense of abandonment.  Here is some inspiration from flickr .

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  1. A lovely selection of photos Karen, and that tractor looks big to me!!


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