Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Walk around The Nare.

Last week most of us experienced a few wonderful days of sunshine, thankfully Mick and I were able to get out for some walks, so I thought I would share them with you - just be warned this is a multi photo post - don't think I have ever done one like this before!!

Last Wednesday we set off to Nare Head on the Roseland Pennisula. 

 A short walk across a field brings you to the coastal path where the sheep graze on the cliff faces quite happily, not for the faint hearted I have to say.

This is the other side of the cliff face from where the sheep above is, there were sheep behind the grass on the rock in the foreground as well.!

Exhausted after a climg back up,they are use to walkers passing through their fields or the likes of me pointing a camera at them every time I see them!

The fields were littered with a variety of fungi - unfortunately my knowledge of fungi is non existence!

Once we  reached Nare Head I found my favourite rock and sat myself down to soak up the sun, the
sound of the sea and of course the views. 

and if I turned round I look at Lemoria Rock in the haze.

More fungi on the way back.

 The farmers making the most of the good weather as well.

 Not sure why this helicopter was flying so low but I thought it would add it.

 I never have much success at photographing butterflies and we were surprised to see this one out so late.  It wasn't until it flew off that I realised there were two...oops, no peace for wildlife eh?

 The brambles were still full of blackberries and they tasted very good on the way back to the car.

 Nearly the  last photo this is Kiberick Cove just opposite the car park.

The last photo,

I may know nothing about fungi but thankfully Mick knows a mushroom when he sees one, we picked these and came home and had fresh mushrooms and bacon butties for lunch.  The end to a wonderful morning.

The sky was amazing this morning, you can see some of the images of it in this post

If you have got this far - well done and I hope you have enjoyed a quick photo walk around Nare Head.


  1. Great images Karen.. especially like the farmng one, great colours.. and the blackberries.. super for your Cornish cards xx

  2. i enjoyed your walk!! beautiful photos Karen xx


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