Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wkly photo - weather

Definitely picked the right week to have weather as the weekly theme.  Monday started off like this ....

 taken from inside the car on my way to Bodmin Gaol (I did stop the car to take it!)

Then on Friday it was like this, a beautiful very hot sunny day.
A view from the top of the Chessewring on Bodmin Moor.

Well that is the last of my  images for the 52wk photo challenge.

Fifty two weeks ago I started a photo challenge to take a photo a week based on a theme and post it each week on my blog. The idea was to make me use my camera on a regular basis as days, weeks could go by and due to work, life etc the camera never got picked up. My friend Louise joined me and some others have joined in on route, apart from the odd week we have managed it. It has been good fun, although there were times the week was too short for the ideas I had. So now we are at the end, it was a case of do I just stop or start another one??

You guessed it, I'm starting another one, though this one is going to be a 26wk challenge, one theme every two weeks, starting tomorrow.  Full details will follow later this evening, anyone is welcome to join in all I ask is that you link up and share the journey with me.


  1. the top photo is fantastic Karen - love how you've captured the rain and the headlights of the car xx

  2. Great photos hun,typical cornish weather extremes


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